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Launch your web presence with all your content and links in one place. No more scrounging around for that 18th thing you made an account for that people should check out. Match the site to your brand and edit the templates to be yours.

Your Hub

Curate content for your audience to consume while you're offline. Stream Sites come equipped with Blogging, a Contact Form, Links to your Social Networks, Video Highlights, and you can add anything else you can think of. Your imagination is the limit.

Your Content

Take back control over your content. With Stream Sites, you own your content. No need for another third-party blogging platform that doesn't care about your audience reach, accessibility, or performance enhancements. Simple.

Some Pieces We're Planning

This is a non-exhaustive list of some features we're building into the heart of Stream Sites.

Key Pages

  • Home

  • About

  • Contact

  • Blog

  • Link In Bio

  • Support the Channel

  • Stats Dashboard


  • Create Posts

  • Categories

  • TLDR Everything

  • Video Embeds

  • RSS Feed

  • Sub-Only Content

  • Scheduling


  • Custom Branding

  • SEO Control

  • Social Links

  • Light/Dark Mode

  • Sitemap

  • Lazy Loading Images

  • Privacy Policy


  • Live Notification

  • Clips Gallery

  • Twitch Leaderboard

  • Webmentions

  • Site Navigation

  • Site Footer

  • Site Search

Why Stream Sites?

It started in March 2019 to fix our own problem: too many links to so much stuff. It is insane to list off the "staples" at the start and end of every stream. Not to mention making a million panels to make sure you feature every possible way someone can get involved in your community.
Follow me on Twitch/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/etcAnd check out my merch on StreamLabs/Design by Humans/etcAnd support the channel with a donation/sub/PatreonAnd read my blog posts on MediumAnd don't forget to join DiscordAnd watch the highlights on Youtube/Twitch collectionsAnd there's a cool promo on Another Platform if you use my linkAnd...
How about... "Check out my website where you can get involved!"

But also... What if everything was in one place? What if you could get rid of half those extra third-party services with your very own.

Stream Sites makes it easy to create a site, tweak it if you want, use a simple interface if code is not your thing, take back ownership of your content, lets the community add features everyone can use, and doesn't have to cost anything to publish.

The Journey

Stream Sites is open-source licensed under MIT. It wouldn't be possible without the awesome folks behind: Eleventy, Tailwind, Nunjucks, Gulp, PostCSS, Sass, and Purge CSS.

Stream Sites is optimized for static hosting on Netlify and makes use of Netlify CMS and Forms.

Follow the journey to Launch!

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